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About this website: is dedicated to providing a directory of social places in the USA for deaf people to get together, chat, and enjoy! Students of ASL (American Sign Language), ASL interpreters and CODA (children of deaf adults) or relatives are welcome to join. You don’t have to buy anything in most places, such as Starbucks, but we do encourage you to buy a drink or a snack. They will always appreciate your business.

Please share with your friends, co-workers and family members. Let the ASL students know about this website too!

About the deaf people behind the website:

Tabby is the current owner of as of July 2018. A lifetime Long Islander (New York), she is a graphic artist and a computer geek. Web development was her hobby that started in 1990s which grew into a small business that she still runs now. She’s very excited to have adopted and will do her best to make you (and Grant) proud! 🙂 Tabby is a hopeless addict of Starbucks’ sugarless Iced Green Tea!

Grant, a Pennsylvanian-turned-Texan, was the founder and the first owner of He, along with his buddies Brenden and Sam Dunn (designer of the original logo), gave birth to this website in April 2003. By May 2018, they all became increasingly busy with their lives and jobs that they reluctantly decided to close the website permanently. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. Now Grant can focus on being involved with many deaf organizations and running his own cool website. Help support him by visiting it at DeafNetwork!

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1a: What is “Deaf Coffee”, “Deaf Coffee Chat”, or “Deaf Chat Coffee”?
A1a: “Deaf Coffee”, “Deaf Coffee Chat”, and “Deaf Chat Coffee” (can be used in lowercase) all generally mean any deaf social events that take place at a coffee shop or a cafe– or even at any other public places such as a mall/food court or a bookstore. Anywhere that offers food, drinks, and seats.

Q1b: I’m confused… what’s the difference between deaf coffee and
Q1b: Deaf coffee is any deaf social event. is the name of this website. shows a list of deaf coffee events across the USA.

Q2: Why are you ( doing this?
A2: We felt it would be nice to have a website that shows a list of Deaf Coffee events so people can find an event to socialize and have fun. It’s also a good way to meet new friends especially if you visit another state.

Q3: Can we submit a deaf social event that is not in a coffee shop or cafe?
A3: Sure! We will accept any public places such as food courts in malls and bookstores. Any places that has seats and food/drinks. If you’re not sure, send an email or submit an event and someone will get in touch with you.

Q4: Can we submit a deaf social event at an independent local coffee shop or another chain instead of Starbucks, Panera Bread, and Tim Hortons?
A4: Yes, of course. We support all kinds of coffee shops and cafes! The independent/small coffee shops and cafes are the best; they’re as good as Starbucks or even better. So go ahead and submit an event.

Q5: I would like to host a Deaf Coffee event in my area. Is it hard to do it?
A5: No, it’s easy. It just takes some work and patience. There’s no procedures or requirements. Here are our suggestions:

  • Talk to your friends or colleagues and figure out where, when, and how often to meet. Maybe you could ask one of your friends/colleagues to become your co-host.
  • Make sure your event doesn’t conflict with any other nearby deaf events.
  • Visit or call the coffee shop or place and ask for a manager. Let them know that you are thinking of hosting a deaf event at their place. Ask them if it’s okay to do that. They will be happy to know about it and usually will say yes.
  • Are you ready to host? Add an event here or email about your social event and we’ll add it to this website!
  • Tell your other friends/colleagues and the deaf community in your area! Do word-of-mouth, use Facebook, and other ways to let people know.
  • As a host, it is your responsibility to attend your event. If you can’t make it, let people know or ask your co-host to take over for you.
  • If your Deaf Coffee event becomes popular, we suggest setting up a Facebook page for it.

We hope you have a big success! Have fun and good luck. 🙂

Q6: I’m curious, which state was the first to offer a Deaf Coffee social event?
A6: We believe it was California.

Q7: Is the website for all of the United States?
A7: Yes! We support every state in the lower 48 states and Alaska/Hawaii.

Q8: When did start?
A8: It began in April 2003 with only 3 coffee places listed!

Q9: Do you think is hurting local deaf clubs?
A9: Nah! It is actually helping the entire deaf community by encouraging people to host or find places to get together, chat, and enjoy. For example, they can go to a Deaf Coffee event to relax before or after attending a deaf club.

Q10: Why are you supporting only coffee shops? Why not list deaf expos, deaf festivals, etc.?
A10: Deaf expos, festivals, and other big events are usually once a year or move to different places. They also have their own websites or Facebook pages. Deaf Coffee social events are smaller, always in the same place, and have a regular schedule/frequency (every month).

Q11: I’m a host. Do I need to notify when I change event’s location or schedule?
A11: Yes, please! Everyone would appreciate it if you keep us up to date at all times. In fact, it is your responsibility to let us know if you decide to change your social event to a different place, update the schedule, or close the event.

Q12: When I attend a deaf social event, can I talk to people about religion or politics?
A12: That’s up to the event’s host, but we suggest that you do NOT do any soliciting or bother people about religion or politics. Everyone wants to chat and enjoy. The point is to have FUN, not argue.

Q13: Can I make a comment or a suggestion about the website?
A13: Sure, send an email to

Q14: Do you have a newsletter or mailing list?
A14: Yes, you can subscribe to Newsletter. You won’t get spammed by the newsletter. It goes out about 0 to 3 times a month.

Q15: Are you on any social media?
A15: Of course. Facebook and Twitter.

Q16: My deaf coffee social event is on but it’s wrong or closed. How do I edit it?
A16: If you’re the host of the event, please submit your information. If you’re not the host, we suggest emailing the host first. If the host doesn’t reply to you after one week, you can report the event.

Q17: I have a question about…
A17: If you don’t see your answer here, send your question to and we’ll try our best to answer you. 🙂 If you’re student of ASL, your question may have an answer on ASL Students page.

Q18: Can I send pictures of my event?
A18: Yes, that would be great! We suggest that one of the photos show the outside of your event’s building so people would know what it looks like on the outside. Also, a picture of inside would be nice too. If you are submitting photos of people, please be sure to get their permissions to have the photos posted here. (Here’s our photo gallery!)

Q19: I’m interested in putting an advertisement on Can I?
A19: Yes, although there is a simple prerequisite. See this page for more info: Advertisement.

Q20: I’m so disappointed! I went to a deaf coffee event I found on this website for the first time and there were no deaf people! I’m upset that I wasted my time and gas!
A20: We’re sorry that your first experience with a deaf coffee event wasn’t good. Please bear in mind that is just a directory/listing and does not host events. It’s the event’s host’s responsibility to keep their event updated and to let know of any change to their events. This is why requires event hosts’ email addresses or contact information so you and others can contact them directly.

Here’s a suggestion: A few days before you attend an event, contact the event’s host and get confirmation or information from them. It will save you a lot of time and gas. (If the event’s host doesn’t reply to you, you can report their event or email Thanks and good luck.

Q21: I host a deaf coffee chat that was listed on your website. But when I checked, it’s gone! Why?!?!
A21: There are many reasons why your event was removed. Usually some people would report that an event has closed or changed. I always send an email to the host for confirmation and for more information. If I do not hear from the host after a few weeks, I remove the event. If you are the host and the event is still going on, please Add An Event and I’ll be happy to add it back to the website. 🙂